Communication is key for proper generational relay.

Communication within the family business: How to strengthen the bond and its importance.

Our Promise?

"we always take care of clients seriously"

BvH&Co was created with one goal: to take full advantage of our partners global expertise in the areas of Family Office Communications, Fundraising for Family Office´s NGOs, Crisis Management Communication & Public Relations in order to benefit Family Offices with exposure in Europe, North and Central America.

Family Offices: BvH&Co. improves Family Office Communications and Crisis Management skills. A united Family Office reflects long lasting success and grows generation after generation. Family communication and unity has proven to be the key for business success. We take pride in offering the proper resources to ensure family unity and prosperity.

Non Profits: BvH&Co. has dedicated time and resources to help raise funds for our client´s (Family Offices) Non Profits. Since 2015 we have raised half a million dollars from the United States and Europe for non-profits dedicated to the betterment of Central American countries.

In the past, we have worked with NATO, the Spanish Government, and other international public entities with the express purpose to create and register new associations which still exist to this day. We have successfully introduced two American made products into NATO’s product catalog.

The true measure of our success will be the number of united families and their legacy.

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