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YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS A HOME…  BvH&Co. specializes in managing small and medium companies. We create ad-hoc, personalized business & marketing plans to help your business launch and thrive in a overwhelming and crowded market. We help you find your niche in the market, then conquer it.

BvH&Co. was founded with the goal of bridging the gap, that many don’t, between low-budget and quality. We employ a team of American graduates and professionals that are native English speakers and work around the world and around the clock. We guarantee top-of-the-line and personalized services available to new and existing business owners.

Our modus operandi is based on morals and ethics. Bvh&Co. works with companies that are not just steered by believers, but also hard work.  If that sounds like your company, then this is your business’ new home. WELCOME!



We help our clients develop their own identity, making sure to create a striking and memorable brand.

Brand identity • Logo Design • Graphic Guidelines • Corporate Image • Print & more


We focus on the user experience. By building content strategies and websites that are future-proof, we are keeping your company ahead of the curve.

Web & Maintenance •  Portals • E-Commerce •  Mailings • Multimedia & more


We offer a wide catalog of website hosting options. Whether you are looking for a marketing, rich-media, or e-commerce website; we will help you select the one is just right for you and your business.

Check out our Hosting Plans.


We connect you with the right people and target-market that will make your business grow.  We create success stories and manage top-performing social media campaigns. We raise your brand awareness and business.

Instagram • Facebook • Twitter • Google Plus • SEO • Lead Mgmt. and Follow Up & more


Consider us your dream team, we will plan, budget, launch, oversee and document all aspects of yor specific project, assuring success.

Product launching • Temporal promotions • Certifications Follow Up & more


We have the experience required for strategic decision-making. Hand over those extra responsibilities to us, so that you can conduct business in a more efficient and organized way.

Executive Assistant Duties – Database Management • Comunication Tasks & more


Today´s globalization makes it easy for companies to offer a little help to those in need. However, setting up a social responsibility program is not as easy as it seems. We can help you chose the right cause that will relate to your business and also make your customers and team proud.


We offer a special line of services and prices for non-profits. All the above-mentioned services are available to non-profits along with special fundraising and grant-writing option. Since 2015, we´ve successfully helped non-profits raise over a half of a million dollars.


You´ve had an idea and dream company for ever, you just never seem to come around to making it a reality. Launching a business can be stressful. We are here to help.

Budget & Business Plan Creation • License & Permits • Marketing Plan & more


Bvh&Co. offers each client the chance to choose a non-profit or cause of their choice. After doing so, a percentage of our earnings through mutual business will be donated to that specific cause. Yes, 2% of our net-profit for each project will be paid out to the cause of your choice.

We sponsor a variety of third-party non-profits that you can choose from if you have difficulty selecting. Don’t like our options? You can always choose your own non-profit. Everything from helping children, elderly studies, building homes, to planting trees and saving animals from extinction & more.


BVH&co has been a fundamental part of G3's expansion project. They have quickly learnt the administrative end of the buisness and have shown to be efficient in their managemen of our staff and marketing campaign. G3 highly recommends BVH&Co

G3 Tutoring


Bvh&Co. has been indispensable since the conception all the way to the actualization of Revolt Lifestyle. Today, Bvh&Co. oversees the day-to-day logistics and feels like part of the team




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